21 March 2023

Another Dead Stalker

Though it took the Prosecutor long enough to make a determination of a justified shooting. Prosecutors say Muncie man's fatal shooting justified after stalking, threats

Muncie, Indiana is about 40 miles northeast of Indianapolis. (Do I need to say that? Probably.)

The guy who got shot had been stalking/harassing the family for sometime. And the shooting took place in October of 2022. The evidence doesn't move the DA, or so it seems to me.

In July 2017, Dunsmore confronted the husband and wife on the Cardinal Greenway and reportedly threatened them with a knife, As a result of those allegations, the Muncie man in May 2018 pleaded guilty to intimidation, a felony that was later reduced to misdemeanor status.

His conviction resulted in a 30-month suspended sentence and a $1 fine.

It also failed to end his harassment of the family, they told police.

He pointed a gun at one of the sons on Easter, 2022. Then in October of last year he threatened to "shoot everyone in the family's home." He showed up at the house that evening, and started attacking one of the sons. The other son and the father joined in.

Dunsmore reportedly was choking the 18-year-old, clutching the teen's throat, when the youth's younger brother tried to intervene,

Their father — who had observed some of what was unfolding outside his home with a surveillance camera — came outside armed with his own 9mm handgun, and ordered Dunsmore to leave his sons alone and to get off of their property.

He didn't leave and made more threats. He was armed. Things didn't work out for him.

Given all of this, why did it take from October 23rd until now to make a determination of self-defense? It took that long because the prosecutor, Delaware County Prosecutor Eric Hoffman, apparently doesn't like self-defense. He also couldn't be bothered to make this announcement himself, but threw a Deputy Prosecutor to the wolves reporters.

Self-defense, and defense of family, is still a human-right. And it may be your legal right in Indiana, if the DA doesn't object.

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