08 February 2023

Run. Hide. Fight.

I discovered the BulletSafe company through a Colion Noir video. Like a lot of companies, they have a news/blog section on their website. Run. Hide. Fight: The FBI’s guide to surviving a mass shooting

Police response in the most populated cities to urgent 911 calls is measured in minutes. According to the linked post it is "an average of 8.6 minutes." An armed civilian can end a mass shooting in seconds, but there are states and businesses who want you disarmed "for your own safety." In reality they don't give a damn about your safety. Governments are worried about control. I'm not sure what the companies are worried about. Liability?

If, for some reason, you find yourself at an establishment which does not allow you to bring in your firearm, and in the event you choose to follow the establishment’s guidelines (unlike Elisjsha Dicken, hero of the Greenwood Park Mall shooting), you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage in case a raging lunatic bursts through the doors and starts blasting away.

Fortunately, the FBI has a detailed step-by-step plan to survive such an event. Simply called “Run. Hide. Fight,” this plan is designed to help the average unarmed bystander avoid the carnage of a mass shooting.

For a refresher course on what Elisjsha Dicken did, see this post from last July.

I should note that "Run. Hide. Fight" didn't start with the FBI. At least I don't think it did. I thought it started with a university in Texas, but I couldn't find a reference. I first wrote a post in 2016, at the archives, that mentioned Run Hide Fight.

In doing some research, trying to find out where this started I ran across an interesting article from a week ago. Security experts say 'run, hide, fight' tactic in active shootings may be outdated. Outdated in that the "Run, Hide" portions of the advice may be outdated. Still, going right to fight would work best if more people were armed, and the Left HATES that idea. Look at what New York is doing, and they are not alone.

The "run, hide, fight" guidance has been used for decades, but Kayyem, who also served as a former security official under the Obama administration and now is the faculty chair of the homeland-security program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, said the increased frequency of shootings and more advanced weaponry may necessitate amended guidance.

"Things have changed. There's more mass shootings, the weaponry is faster, it's more deadly, a lot of damage can be done in a little period of time. And as we've seen in some cases, we can't totally depend on law enforcement," Kayyem said.

Kayyem, who previously wrote an Op-Ed for the Atlantic on the topic, now says engaging the gunman may prove to be more effective than a "last resort" option.

Anyway, this is the first post I've written in a very long time about the FBI where I haven't been calling them out for being idiots. I'm sure they will do something idiotic very soon.

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  1. Run Hide Fight has become a bit more nuanced and was only ever meant to be a memory aid. It's now "Avoid, Deny, Defend". And you are right that it came out of Texas, at least they were the ones promulgating it. Finding a good link is harder than I thought. (and Run Hide Fight is apparently a registered trademark of the City of Houston!) This is their video from 10 years ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VcSwejU2D0

    The university thing was ALLERT

    Since 2002, the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT)™ Program at Texas State University has been used to train law enforcement officers across the nation in how to rapidly respond to dangerous active threat situations. Over the years we’ve seen response times shorten and the capabilities of law enforcement increase. As a result of increased public awareness, many citizens have asked what individuals can do protect themselves and reduce the dangers faced during one of these events. Avoid | Deny | Defend™ has been developed as an easy to remember method for individuals to follow - as we’ve seen that hiding and hoping isn’t a very effective strategy.

    Watch the Avoid | Deny | Defend video below on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0It68YxLQQ) for an overview of how to save your life in an active attack event. Always remember - What You Do Matters.   

    I've done two different "Civilian Response to Active Shooter" classes, one from Houston PD that emphasizes Run and Hide. The other from Harris County Constable, Precinct 5, put a bit more emphasis on the Fight part.

    Note that the schools do only "Hide". I'm told that they don't do "Run" because it would be a nightmare to practice it and get all the kids back in class. Lazy b@stards.



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