08 February 2023

He Was Warned Not to Break Into the Home

He should have heeded that warning. Man fatally shot during attempted Missoula home invasion

“A homeowner encountered a male attempting to gain access into his residence. The homeowner gave multiple warnings advising the male to stop. The male continued to enter the residence, broke through his screen door, the front entrance, where he gained entrance into the residence. The homeowner then shot him multiple times," Missoula Police Department spokesperson Whitney Bennett told MTN News.

I'm sure his family sees this as a tragedy. If it is one, it is of his own making.

Self-defense is a human right.

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  1. Actually, his family did see it as a tragedy. The detective sent me a message from the family saying that they were sorry this happened, that they held no anger towards me, and that their son had been having problems that he was not getting treatment for. He simply had a head full of bad wiring and this was how it ended. He had led a life of bad decisions, most notably doing ten years in Club Fed for trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife, and had a history of low level drug dealing. Why he showed up on my doorstep and why he did what he did is a mystery.


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