20 January 2023

What's the Opposite of Diversity?

University. Colleges only getting worse by 'manifesting authoritarianism' with 'word policing', professor warns | Fox News

Cornell Law Professor William A. Jacobson warned that colleges and universities are "manifesting authoritarianism" by removing "problematic" words and firing staff that don't abide by left-wing ideologies.

Jacobson said he believes the increase in stories about word-banning on college campuses is a manifestation of what is referred to as "repressive tolerance," wherein tolerance serves to preserve a repressive society by neutralizing opposition to impose forms of authoritarianism.

You will have only one point of view, as dictated by the University. You will not say these words. You will not think these thoughts. Deviate from these rules and you will be made a non-person. Your education will be over if you are a student. Your career will be ended if you are a professor.

That is not "tolerance." That is fascism.

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