21 January 2023

The Other McCain and the Georgia Solution

I don't think this would actually be fair to Georgia, but I do see his point. (He's a native of Atlanta, and I'm not, so...) Dear Antifa Terrorists: Please Go to Georgia, So Cops Can All of You

Georgia ain’t Oregon and Atlanta ain’t Portland, OK? So if the unbathed terrorist mobs of Antifa want heroic martyrdom, Atlanta’s the place to be, because cops down in Georgia shoot to kill.

So, from the Antifa point of view, is the guy who cops shot one of the "honored dead?" (I won't say the name, because fame only promotes copycats.)

And as for "information" - and disinformation.

By the way, don’t believe anything you read on the Internet about this situation. It seems that the Antifa lunatics and their “progressive” friends have orchestrated a propaganda campaign so that everything on Wikipedia about the site of this proposed police-training facility has been written in the past few months by supporters the “autonomous zone.”

The future is stupid.

There is more, on the planned "Day of Rage," the history of the Atlanta Prison Farm, the joys of living in Atlanta, etc. Click thru.

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