23 January 2023

T-Mobile Hacked for 8th Time Since 2018

Someday, corporate executives may take data security seriously, but this is not that day. T-Mobile hacked to steal data of 37 million accounts in API data breach

T-Mobile disclosed that a hacker had exploited a flaw in an Application Programming Interface (API) to extract the data from 37 million customer accounts including some number of prepaid customer accounts. They provided not details of the breach - don't want to provide a roadmap for more bad guys. This article also doesn't offer the blanket reassurance that "all is well, the problem has been fixed."

While this is the first breach disclosed by T-Mobile since the start of the year, the mobile carrier has disclosed seven other data breaches since 2018, including one where attackers gained access to the data of roughly 3% of all T-Mobile customers.

Click thru for info on the other breaches. (Hat tip for this goes to Pixy Misa at Ambient Irony.)

Eight data breaches in 5 years... At some point you have ask....

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