29 January 2023

Daily Mail Briefly Acknowledges Project Veritas Video on Pfizer

Then decides to run away. Daily Mail Briefly Commits Act of Journalism Before Deleting Story on Blockbuster Project Veritas Undercover Video

As corporate news outlets go, the Daily Mail is one of the least restrictive. While listed as “Right” by Media Bias Fact Check, they are really more right-leaning. But the important part is that they generally report on any and all stories rather than self-censoring like the vast majority of corporate media outlets.

Today was an exception. After publishing an article about the bombshell undercover video released by Project Veritas showing a Pfizer executive spilling the beans on gain-of-function research, the publication inexplicably deleted the story.

That is a failure of journalism. You hate the politics of Project Veritas SO MUCH, you are willing to help a biotech firm cover up devastating biotech research. Actually, that is a failure of humanity.

Lucky for us - at least for the time being - the internet doesn't forget. You can find the story at the Wayback Machine.

Here's how The Daily Mail story began. Begins. Whatever. A screenshot of the opening of the story is below.

An alleged Pfizer executive has revealed the company is exploring a way to mutate COVID in order to create more vaccines, new undercover footage claims.

Project Veritas released a new video on Wednesday that shows a man the activist group claims is Jordon Trishton Walker, a Pfizer Director of Research and Development.

Walker, whose LinkedIn page appears to have been deleted, begs the journalist not to tell anyone and then shares that the way they would mutate the virus would be by infecting monkeys.

At least someone seems to be taking notice. From The Gateway Pundit: Sen. Johnson Calls For Congress to Investigate Vaccine Manufacturers and Covid Vax Approval Process in Response to Project Veritas’ Exposé on Pfizer.

Senator Ron Johnson on Thursday called for Congress to investigate vaccine manufacturers and the Covid vax approval process in response to Project Veritas’ explosive undercover video exposing Pfizer’s alleged plans to ‘mutate’ the Covid virus.

Pfizer is experimenting with dangerous gain-of-function on Covid-19, according to a director of research for the Pharma company.

I predict that nothing will come of it. (The hat tip goes to Anonymous Conservative.)

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