01 December 2022

The Downfall of Atlanta

I usually write about crime in Chicago, because it was once home. I sometimes write about crime in NYC because it is an easy target. Less often I write about other cities, but that doesn't mean that things are going well in our smaller cities. From The Other McCain we get Crime Scene: Atlanta

He covers 3 stories. The first was of a 12-year-old being killed and 5 teenagers injured in a shooting near the Atlanta Station retail district.

Atlantic Station is a massive 138-acre commercial development with shopping, dining and recreation, located on the site of a former steel mill. Located near the Georgia Tech campus and the upscale Midtown neighborhood, Atlantic Station was intended as an all-inclusive destination, the kind of place where you could spend an entire day, see a movie, eat a meal, go shopping, etc. But it has now become a magnet for teenage criminals, and scarcely a week goes by that there isn’t some story about violent mayhem perpetrated by these feral youth

Conspicuous by its absence is any mention by the media of the demographics of the criminals in any of the three stories.

Remember when the whole country decided to riot because one black guy died in police custody in Minneapolis? Now you’ve got black kids getting shot to death routinely in Atlanta and nobody seems to care.

It’s almost as if their lives don’t matter, or something.

And it isn't just Atlanta of course.

Civilization is built on a foundation of security. Without security people will not invest for the future because everything can be taken away from them so easily.

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