09 December 2022

Friday Links - 9 December

View from the Porch gets pushed to the top with End the Kardashianocracy?

Ponder on those numbers: What they say, and fairly clearly, is that any normie Republican senatorial candidate probably would have junked Warnock by five points or more. Instead the GOP ran yet another of Donald's ridiculous celebrity stunt candidates and paid the price.

Don Surber is up next with Punish the fascists

While Comey was doing cleanup on Aisle Hillary, he was pressing a FISA judge to allow the FBI to spy on Donald Trump. Spurned in June 2016, the FBI used oppo research by Hillary's campaign to try again that October. With FISA warrants on hand, the FBI became the spy that loved she.

Battleswarm Blog - Followup: Ford F-150 Lightning EV Suffers Drastic Range Decrease In The Rare Weather Event Known As “Winter”

It turns out that it isn’t just towing that drains the F-150 Lightning EV’s battery at an alarming rate. In mild winter weather (37°F), he found the Lightning using up 120 miles of estimated range in a mere 60 or so miles. “Towing nothing! It’s just cold outside! What!?!”

Meep from her podcast Death and Taxes - Chaucer on Advice. It's a 15 minute audio link.

Chaucer knew a thing or two about a thing or two

Power Line - The Grassley-Johnson experience

Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have made it a mission to expose the Biden family corruption at whose apex sits President Biden.

The Volokh Conspiracy - Free Speech Rules, Free Speech Culture, and Legal Education: More Responses to Objections

I was invited to participate in a Hofstra Law Review symposium on free speech in law schools, which will be happening in February, and I thought I'd serialize my current draft article; there's still plenty of time to improve it, so I'd love to hear people's comments.

Chicks on the Right - Philly Gas Station Owner Hires Armed Security To Protect His Business Amid Historic Crime

Back in October, Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner said it was “coded and racist messaging” to call dangerous, high crime Democrat cities like his “lawless.” Because he cares far more about being politically correct than he does about protecting his city from criminals.

The Gateway Pundit - Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Makes Shocking Request of Elon Musk – What Does He Know?

The most recent evidence that there is something yet to be uncovered came in a peculiar request from Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, to its new CEO, Elon Musk. Dorsey suggested that instead of releasing a limited number of internal documents over a period of weeks, it would be better to release them all now.

American Thinker - Democrat Crime Policies Pave The Way For Destroying Constitutional Rights

The Democrats’ habit of encouraging criminal lawlessness is not merely intended to terrorize the population. Instead, by removing any accountability for lawless or destructive acts, leftists are making it possible for them to erase both the First and Second Amendments.

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  1. This is a comment for Tam's comments on the GA races. Since I live 30 miles from GA, I got to see all the Senate ads. They were reprehensible. Tam mentions all the state races there. These were won by the GOP but the national race was won by the Dems. The Deep State only wanted the Senate seat in GA to stay in there column. They did not need the state races as the Gov on down are captured agents of the Deep State already. Review the actions of these characters after 2020 to thwart the shenanigans going on. And shenanigans was expected by everyone and the ballot counters got better at hiding it.

    Herschel could have been a better candidate but his opponent is an implant by the Deep State. The lesson is that all politics is local as having non captured Governors that will enforce voting integrity laws. See Arizona for a dramatic example of superior ballot counting.

    She is right that the Don's win was a fluke to TPTB but all the local people I canvassed in my travels from Alabama to Illinois to China were pulling for the Don to beat Cankles. (The Chinaman on the street was afraid that Cankles would start WWIII in her first week in office.) TPTB didn't think that they needed the superior ballot counting for that assumed coronation.

    Also the real lesson is that the Uniparty showed their hand in the circular firing squads surrounding Don backed candidates. Yurtle and McCockless should be hung by their thumbs for the GOP's midterm performance.

    Now, I personally don't like the Don and think he has been sabotaged at every turn but he did remove a bunch of nefarious characters in the great leviathan, got effed over by his tribe member son in law and got sucked into the Q stroke job slow walk to the end of his term.

    I believe that the only solution to this is stem to stern high colonic of the leviathan. Bottom up-top down local, local, local. And there will be blood before this is over.

    Spin Drift


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