02 December 2022

Friday Links -- 2 December

Lone Star Parson is up first with They're Not Even Bothering To Hide

We all know about Balenciaga's bondage bear devilry but the plot thickens to Fashion IT girl, Lotta Volkova, Russian born super stylist to the hyper rich, #BillSoc industry and Balenciaga associate.

Don Surber - Ex-CIA agent: "This freedom of speech is just nonsense"

Bob Baer, an ex-CIA grifter who pushed the Russiagate nonsense in an attempt to overturn the 2016 election, attacked free speech on CNN. That Baer is a columnist for Time and Vanity Fair as well as an author makes his call for censorship hypocritical as well as anti-American.

The Other McCain - Crazy People Are Dangerous (and They’re Working for the Biden Administration)

Hire crazy people, you get crazy scandals. Brinton “was charged with a felony last month for allegedly stealing a woman’s luggage.”

Watts Up With That? - Worldwide Record Cold Challenges Climate Rhetoric and Risks Lives by Complacency. A guest post by Vijay Jayaraj.

I live in Bengaluru in southern India. This month, the city recorded the coldest temperature in 10 years for the month of November. So has been the case in my country’s capital New Delhi where extreme winters have become a norm in recent years.  

A small percentage of India’s 1.3 billion population has access to electrical heaters. However, a majority must burn a variety of fuels for fire to stay warm, making many people susceptible to surprise cold events. Why are cold events considered a surprise and not a normal part of weather? Is it because the public mind has been made complacent about cold by the fearmongering of global warmists? 

Who is Robert Malone - Worldwide COVID-19 Religious Restrictions

Sometimes an article is so well written, so on point - that there is little to be added. Such is the case with “It’s not too late to stop being a tool of oppression,” written by Professor Jem Bendell.

The Other McCain again - Post-Election Bonfire of Schadenfreude: ‘Hundreds’ Being Laid Off at CNN

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go dance around in jubilation, like a cornerback who just scored a pick-six to win the game.

Not the Bee - New York's rat problem is so bad that the city is willing to pay someone nearly $200,000 to deal with it

In New York City, a man can make a very comfortable six-figure salary simply because the city has a large-enough rat population to justify it.

Bunkerville - Canada’s New Euthanasia Laws Echo Nazi-Era

Tim Stainton director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia said the country’s uniquely permissive euthanasia laws were, “probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.”

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