29 November 2022

Tuesday Links

Flopping Aces has some disturbing news: As an Oncologist I Am Seeing People With Stable Cancer Rapidly Progress After Being Forced to Have a Booster

[A letter] by Dr Angus Dalgleish

Stately McDaniel Manor, with a post I should have included last week - School Attacks: The High Cost Of Virtue Signaling

As you’ll find, gentle readers, should you review the School Attacks series, educators tend to be leftist, and this is particularly so in colleges, where they tend to be flaming, true believing leftists. They’ll argue allowing teachers to carry guns will result in terrible carnage. Teachers carrying guns somehow destroys a pristine educational environment. It’s not a teacher’s job to be police officers, and they’d have to be trained to be police officers to carry guns. Teachers have to focus every second of their efforts on teaching, not on shooting attackers.

The Other McCain - Idaho Breakthrough: A Serial Killer?

Wait just a minute here — what day of the week was Aug. 13, 2021? It was a Friday. Just a coincidence, perhaps, but then you see that the Idaho victims were also killed on the 13th, and while it may be a bit of a stretch to connect these crimes, which happened 400 miles and 15 months apart, investigators don’t seem to have any other leads, so maybe this is more than a coincidence. Because one of the Oregon victims survived the attack, we know that the killer wore a mask, but they don’t say what kind of mask. Was it a hockey mask? Like Jason in Friday the 13th?

Massad Ayoob - HITTING A MILLION. A 7 minute video worth a look.

Yours truly is one of several content providers on the Wilson Combat channel on YouTube. I recently learned that one of mine there had surpassed a million views.

Meep at STUMP - ESG and ERISA: Pity the Poor Tort Lawyers Their Lost Business as Biden Gives a Safe Harbor For Now

FTX had stellar ESG ratings right before implosion

Oh, look who had the best ESG ratings, including the one I like, which is governance:
FTX Bankruptcy Exposes ESG’s Flaws

Again from The Other McCain - ‘Blood On Your Hands’? Is Anyone Really Endangered by Twitter ‘Amnesty’?

The problem in the United States is almost the diametrical opposite situation, i.e., critics of the regime have been banned, because Twitter staff were working with the Democratic Party to effectively prohibit dissent.

Granite Grok - A Quick Word about The Democrat Party’s Fascism

No, the American Federal Government does not own or control the means of production, but they have oligarchs in Energy, Public Health, and increasingly in other sectors of the economy. And the accumulation of our National debt creates an excuse for a massive confiscation of private property (to save the nation or something). To do that, they will need a police state mentality or its equivalent, and such despotisms are inherently fascist.

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