29 November 2022

Armed Homeowner Captures Fugitive for Police

That is what this headline should say, but even in Houston, "Professional Journalists" don't like the idea of armed homeowners. UPDATE: Investigators capture man after on-campus chase near Westside High School in Macon: Investigators captured the suspect after an hours-long search | KHOU

A guy was spotted near a high school with a firearm. The school went into lockdown, and cops swarmed the area.

The man went to a nearby home and asked the homeowner to let him hide there. The homeowner refused, which started an argument between the two. The homeowner shot at the suspect's feet, causing him to drop the rifle that he had been carrying during his escape from police. The suspect ran away from the scene. No one was hurt.

After a while he went back to that home to hide.

According to Bibb County Sheriff David Davis, the suspect went back to the house where he had previously tried to hide. The homeowner there was able to capture the suspect, allowing investigators to make the arrest.

So even in Texas we have media bias against homeowners. Marginal, but still there. They did report on the fact that the homeowner captured this miscreant, but they couldn't seem to get the facts right in the headline.

I have no idea why a story from the 16th is only now making it into my news search. Probably the internet (in the form of Bing, which provides services to DuckDuckGo) doesn't want you to know about stories like this.

Self-defense is a human-right, and occasionally an armed citizen helps out the police. I have the feeling that it happens a lot more often than the media would have us believe.

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