25 November 2022

Self-defense is Legal in Kansas

Two months to make that decision isn't bad, as the pace the legal system can move. Leavenworth investigation rules deadly shooting self defense

According to the county attorney’s office, the homeowner woke up when his dog started barking. The man told investigators he then heard the door of his vehicle opening and closing. When he looked out the window, the man said he did not recognize the man outside.

In a news release from the county attorney’s office, the homeowner later told officers he grabbed his pistol and headed toward his front door. Before he reached the door, someone outside started hitting and kicking the door. The homeowner told investigators the door started bowing. Then a man outside started yelling and cussing telling the homeowner to open the door.

He fired 3 times through the door and called 911. There is security video from the house across the street.

So 2 months, from September 22nd, isn't moving at light speed, but it isn't too bad either. Though I suppose I would have made such a decision after viewing the video. Of course I'm not a lawyer, and it doesn't say if the district attorney in question was up for reelection this year.

In any event, it seems to have been decided that self-defense is your legal right in Leavenworth, and it remains a human-right as well.

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