25 November 2022

Friday Links - 25 November

The Other McCain is up first with Disney Not Gay Enough Yet? New Plan: Get (More) Woke, Go (More) Broke

When it was announced that Disney CEO Bob Chapek had been ousted in favor of a return to former CEO Bob Iger, a lot of conservatives started high-fiving on Twitter, erroneously assuming that this must signal some kind of admission by Disney that their left-wing cultural war agenda had failed as a business model.

Granite Grok - Exposing the Fraud: They Make Climate “Fudge” Over at NOAA, Too!

Science used to be about comparing reality to your theory. These days it is about reshaping the perception of reality until it proves your theory. Global Warming (dba: climate change) is an excellent example. With the earth refusing to satisfy any of their predictions, the experts have taken to tampering with data.

The College Fix - Jury awards $645,837 to Auburn professor demoted for criticizing lax degree standards

Stern had sued the university for retaliating against him when he criticized the preservation of an easy major for the sake of athletics.

Wombat-socho at the Other McCain - Continuity & Tradition

So it pleases me to see that the Wall Street Journal, whose editorial page has been a bastion of conservatism* for as long as I can remember, has rejected the whining of sundry annoying leftists and once again reprinted a pair of classic editorials by former editor Vermont Royster: The Desolate Wilderness, as well as And The Fair Land.

The Gateway Pundit - Unbelievable: Researcher Claims Anti-vaxx Groups’ Fear Mongering and Scare Tactics Cause Vaccine-Related Adverse Events Like Blood Clots and Heart Attacks

You can’t make this up.

Just when you thought the Covid-deranged establishment medical community couldn’t lose any more credibility, Raymond D. Palmer, a self-identified mRNA alchemist from Western Australia, admitted that there are serious risks associated with Covid-19 vaccinations, but he blamed the anti-vaxxers for it.

Again from The Other McCain - Mystery Solved? Did This CANADIAN Get @rsmccain Banned From Twitter?

My categorical hatred of Canada is notorious, of course, and I probably should have known that those fiendish Canadian scum had spent years plotting their revenge against me, but now I feel like Don Corleone after he figured out who was behind Sonny’s murder: “I didn’t know until this day that it was Barzini all along.” And my Barzini is Scaachi Koul.

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