04 November 2022

Friday Links - 4 November

Don Surber starts things moving with Covidians want amnesty

Now that the truth is out about covid, those smug and self-righteous pushers of vaccines that did not vaccinate and masks that didn't work are demanding we just forget about the whole thing.

Emily Oster of The Atlantic wants to declare Pandemic Amnesty, which would forgive her and the rest of the Faucists who cheered the use of the power of the state to shut down the economy and force people to take shots or lose their jobs.

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ - Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules in Favor of GOP and Voting Integrity, Making It Somewhat Harder for the Democrats to Cheat

Pennsylvania state law requires that mail-in ballots be dated before election day or the day of election day to be counted.

The corrupt governor of Pennsylvania -- who by the way killed thousands in the nursing homes by stuffing them full of covid-positive patients instead of caring for them at hospitals, so election rigging is no big deal to him -- said "I don't care what the law says" and directed election boards to count the votes whatever the date said. Even if the ballots were marked with no date, or a date after election day.

The Other McCain - Red Wave Hits New Hampshire?

So it’s not just one poll — there is a trend of polls showing that the race has shifted toward Bolduc since late September, and this picture of increasing GOP momentum is a nationwide phenomenon.

Diogenes' Middle Finger - You'd Think the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Would have a Working Knowledge of the Constitution. You'd Think....

Durbin could have left it there and gone back to legislatin' and Senator stuff. But, probably feeling that twitter badass vibe, sadly he didn't. Senator Dick instead went on to show a lack of understanding of the US founding document – The Constitution.

Impro Guns - Crack Mac and Me phone home. Another handcrafted firearm.

Weapons of this particular configuration are hereby now officially designated and must be referred to as Crack MACs.

Again from The Other McCain - Dana Pico Schools Jen Rubin (But Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Incurable)

My general stance toward Jennifer Rubin is to ignore her as much as possible, which is quite easy, because she’s become so predictable that no intelligent person takes her seriously.

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Stayin alive...Out of Control*

So...There I was...Luke AFB Late '70's. Been a 2LT for a little over a year, got my wings and managed to make it through Fighter Lead-In at Holloman AFB NM without any major issues. ...

Coffee Or Die - Meet the Navajo Nation Marines Carrying on the Legacy of World War II Code Talkers

Cleveland and his fellow Navajos became known as the “Original 29" Navajo Code Talkers, using their native language as an unbroken code that allowed Marine forces to communicate with each other during combat. The Japanese codebreakers listening in never solved the puzzle.

In late summer 2022, Cleveland’s great-grandson Cpl. Caleb Begay and five other Navajo Marines gathered at the Navajo Code Talker Memorial in Window Rock, Arizona, for National Navajo Code Talker Day.

The Other McCain again - Democrats and Media (But I Repeat Myself) Begin Midterm Pre-Mortems

When even CNN is forced to admit things look bad for Democrats, you know that things look very bad for Democrats. Yet nobody at CNN will admit that they are part of the problem. For most of the past year, CNN has led every hour, 24 hours a day, with breathless updates from Nancy Pelosi’s J6 witchhunt committee’s “investigation” of the January 2021 Capitol riot — “a threat to our democracy!” — as if nothing else in the world was nearly as newsworthy.

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