19 September 2022

Violent Felons Don't Stop Being Violent Felons...

Whatever you are or are not doing, doesn't change their behavior. Store clerk killed execution style. Suspect held without bail

The Left loves to go on at length about "just give the bad guys what they want" and you will be safe. They never want to discuss rape in that context for some reason. There are probably a few other situations they would not discuss. The problem is, it is NOT true. Cooperation with criminals does NOT guarantee anything.

A suspect shot and killed a store clerk in the back of the head even though that clerk willingly turned over money from his cash register, detectives in Tupelo, Mississippi say.

He gave the bad guy all the cash he could. He gave the bad guy more than he asked for. He still eneded up shot in the back of the head. Violent criminals do not stop being violent criminals because of anything you are or are not doing.

Cooperation with criminals is a strategy for dealing with a violent encounter. I'm not convinced that it is a particularly good strategy.

Now being armed in your own defense is also a strategy; it is also not a guarantee.

Nothing in this world is absolutely certain but death and next winter’s snow.
   — Marion Zimmer-Bradley. The Saga of the Renunciates (Darkover Saga)

Compliance may be what you do initially. I happen to think that being armed is a better strategy in the long run. When the bad guy tells you to kneel down, you have an option besides compliance.

The suspect can be seen on surveillance video demanding that Singh get down on his knees. The gunman then hops over the counter and shoots Singh execution style.

Singh would arrive at the hospital in grave condition and died several hours later.

Everyone should make their own determination, but I wonder if the employer forbade being armed as a condition of employment. They often do.

The only good thing about this story is that the suspected bad guy was arrested and is being held without bond.

He faces life without parole or death. He had been out on probation and also had an outstanding warrant. He has an extensive criminal history.

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