26 September 2022

Italy Elects a Conservative Woman PM

Leftist screeching arrived right on schedule. Don Surber: Italy elects first woman PM. Misogynist media hates her

This is a short read, but worth the time. I will highlight one bit, because the WoPo is completely unhinged about a woman, who is also a conservative, being elected in Europe.

The Washington Post managed to get both facts in its lead paragraph, saying, "Italy is poised on Sunday for a norm-breaking election that’s expected to give the country its first-ever female prime minister — and its farthest-right government since the fall of Mussolini."

But when Germans elected Merkel, WaPo didn't say she was the first-ever female chancellor and the country's biggest socialist leader since Hitler.

But then the Left always ignores 2 facts: Hitler left the German Workers' Party (the communists) to join the National Socialist Party.

Anyway, CNN and the New York Times are also in the mix, as are UPI and the Wall Street Journal.

It isn't completely one sided.

The Daily Mail broke ranks. It reported, "Giorgia Meloni is nothing if not a patriot."

As I said, click thru.

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  1. Boy! They played the Mussolini Card quick didn't they? Maybe they should realize American Conservatism is antithetical to Fascism


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