23 September 2022

Friday Links - 23 September

The Other McCain starts things off with another installment of Crazy People Are Dangerous.

Say hello to 51-year-old Missouri resident Jeremy Garnier, who in March 2020 decided it would be a good idea to dress up as comic-book villain The Joker and record a livestream threatening to kill a thousand people.

The Daily Sceptic is up next with the latest on Big Tech censorship: PayPal Demonetises the Daily Sceptic

Dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy in any of those areas is no longer permitted.

Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog - This Is Your City On Chinese Construction Standards

Shoddy construction practices extend to buildings, roads, bridges, flood walls and other infrastructure. It’s hard to do quality work when cutting corners seems to be your national ethos…

Again from The Other McCain - Ukraine Forces Cross Oskil River, Advancing Toward Svatove, Kreminna

Getting accurate and timely information about the war in Ukraine remains difficult, and it may be a few days before the tactical picture becomes clear, but (a) Ukraine now claims to control the east bank of the Oskril River across from Kupiansk.

The Gateway Pundit - What’s Going On? Ohio BP Explosion Kills Two, Fourth Gas Plant Explosion Since June

The refinery has been operating for over 100 years on a parcel of land that covers 585 acres and processes approximately 160, 000 barrels of crude oil a day.

This is the fourth fossil fuel disruption/explosion since June in our nation.

Manhattan Contrarian - A New Low For New York Attorney General Letitia James

Nothing about that is nearly as serious a matter as the ethical violation of New York’s chief law enforcement officer in misusing the office to select a target on the basis of politics without any reason to suspect particular wrongdoing. Such conduct should get the AG disqualified from running for office and even disbarred. But in the real world that we live in, she will almost certainly get re-elected in a few weeks.

Adaptive Curmudgeon - Camp And Sail Part 1: Don’t Quit

Absolutely everything went wrong. Cascading stupid shit hounded me for several weeks. I was (almost comically) derailed at every juncture. I soldiered on. Eventually, it all worked out.

Is there no better summation of life?

Chicks on the Right - California Strangely “Delays Public Release” Of Educational Test Score Results

California says they’re delaying the release so the data can be released with other data regarding suspensions and absences, but there is no release timeline. But I bet they’ll wait two months. That would put the release right around the middle of November. WOW! Just after the election! How convenient.

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