11 September 2022

Are They Trying to Stop Robberies?

It doesn't seem that the powers that be are worried about crime so much. Moments after 2 more armed robberies in Wicker Park, CPD boss orders cops to stop following men wanted for over a dozen hold-ups - CWB Chicago

You see car chases are dangerous. (So are dangerous criminals, but hey.) And so cops need extra special permission to pursue bad guys in Chicago.

An armed robbery crew that has struck repeatedly in Wicker Park and Avondale returned to the area to commit two more daylight robberies on Friday morning. Chicago police spotted the offenders as they fled from the second robbery scene, but a CPD supervisor ordered units not to follow the car onto the expressway. So, the armed men, wanted for more than a dozen armed and sometimes violent robberies, remain at large to commit more crimes.

They were armed, of course.

The order was meant to reduce the number of accidents and injuries to innocent bystanders during police chases. Chicago has paid out millions of dollars to settle lawsuits filed by crash victims and their families.

But one consequence of the city’s policy is that people who commit violent crimes remain on the loose to commit more violent crimes.

And they wonder why crime is on the rise in Chicago.

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