09 August 2022

Tuesday Links - 9 August

The Post Millennial starts us off with BREAKING: YouTube removes Drew Hernandez's anti-grooming videos for 'hate speech'

Videos titled "KIDS IN A GAY BAR?!," and "GROOMERS push for Relationship with kids" were among the content removed from Hernandez's channel for violating YouTube's hate speech policy. These videos were reports "exposing the groomer agenda," Hernandez told The Post Millennial. In addition, the TPUSA channel was banned from posting for a week.

Impro Guns is up next with Revolving shotgun (Nigeria). Click thru for an image, and there are more posts after this one, including .

A homemade revolving shotgun carried by a member of an anti-kidnapping civilian patrol in Nigeria.

The Other McCain - He’s Not Making This Up, You Know. Baltimore's No-shoot-zone man was shot.

There may be cities in America that are worse than Baltimore, but it’s a damned short list.

Chicks on the Right - NPR Accuses GOP Governors Of Having “No Plan” After Bussing Immigrants Into NYC And D.C.

If you haven’t heard, Big Blue Democrat cities like NYC and D.C. are big mad at Texas Governor Abbott and Arizona Governor Ducey for sending busloads of illegal aliens to their cities and just dropping them off there to be dealt with by those cities. They’re mad that all these illegal aliens are taxing their resources and infrastructure, and really are a burden on the system and communities they are illegally invading. Which is interesting considering the politicians in these cities have spent months denying the existence of a border crisis. Democrat politicians in these cities insist that the border is secure and that no humans are illegal. So Abbott decided to force them to acknowledge the reality of the border crisis. You know, the border crisis directly caused by the Biden Administration encouraging people to invade America, eliminating processes to regulate immigration, and then completely ignoring the disaster they created. That border crisis.

OldAFSarge at Chant du Départ is fighting against SPAM. Poor Sarah Elizabeth ... He is also continuing to work on his first book.

As you can tell by the picture, this isn't coming from a real person, it's also coming from someone for whom English is definitely not their native tongue.

Again from The Other McCain - We Were Told This Would Never Happen

What I am interested in is balance in journalism, because the liberal media have assumed such a completely unbalanced attitude toward what is nowadays called “the LGBTQ community.” This see-no-evil mentality (e.g., ignoring or downplaying the role of gay orgies in spreading monkeypox) is an example of how identity politics warps American journalism, so that reporters and editors act as volunteer P.R. agents who see their task as guarding the “community” against homophobia. Because the reality of reckless promiscuity among gay men doesn’t advance the 100% positive image of the “community” which liberal journalists are committed to promoting

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - Fantasy & Other Annoyances. A review of some new(ish) fantasy.

On the other hand, we have Larry Correia’s Servants of War, co-written by Steve Diamond, which is so grimdark it makes Warhammer 40k look like My Little Pony in comparison.

Richard Fernandez at PJ Media - Russia's Hunger Weapon. Stopping Ukraine grain exports will cause famine in 3rd world countries, and possibly a refugee crisis.

Newsweek says a Russian state TV host claimed the West will eventually be forced to lift sanctions imposed on Russia amid a global famine threat. Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Russian state-controlled media outlet RT, said she heard from people several times in Moscow that: “All our hope is in the famine.”

Once more from The Other McCain - Watching The Herd Stampede

Finally, there’s no guarantee the IRS is going to use those agents the way the Democrats want them used. Right now the staffing crunch is so bad that a lot of paper returns filed in 2021 haven’t even been looked at, much less processed, and if they haven’t finished 2021, what do you think their stack of 2022 returns looks like?

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  1. First book is out for editing by some of my faithful (probably misguided) readers. The second is being written on the blog as we speak. Thanks for the shout out!


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