09 August 2022

Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Things won't end well for you if you do. From the St Louis Post-Dispatch: 'You're good. Call 911': Video shows bystander fatally shooting robber at St. Charles QuikTrip

Three men saw a miscreant threaten a clerk in a convenience store with a knife, in order to make her open the register. Two of the men left. One did not.

The bystander, who left the store a few seconds before Bush came in, saw this from the parking lot, police said, and grabbed a 9 mm gun from his vehicle and returned to the store. He swung open the door and leaned in, hiding the gun behind his leg so Bush couldn't see it.

Bush was grabbing cash from the register.

Bystander: Yo, my man.

Bush: What's up?

Bystander: You good bro?

Bush: Yeah, I'm straight. Hey, come here cuz.

Bystander: Nah, we ain't doing that, bro.

Bush: Yeah, we are.

That is when the soon-to-be-dead miscreant charged at the bystander, which is when the bystander started shooting. Remember, he was shooting at a guy armed with a knife who was charging him.

There was some dodging when he realized that he wasn't the only one armed, but in the end it did him no good. 26-year-old Lance Bush died later in a hospital.

The St. Charles County prosecutor's office has decided that the bystander, who has not been named, broke no laws. This incident took place on July 16, so less than a month ago. The DA has already made a determination of self-defense, and the police have released the surveillance video.

And it wasn't one crime he stopped, but a violent crime spree.

Bush had been on a violent crime spree that day, including at a Mobil store at 1401 South Fifth Street just before coming to QuikTrip. Police said Bush had put a knife to the throat of a 43-year-old female clerk at Mobil, dragged her to the register, then to the back of the store looking for a safe. She had cuts on her hand, wrist and neck.

The video is at the link above.

Self-defense is a human-right.

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