08 August 2022

Powerwolf Dancing with the Dead

Power Metal is as close as you can come, in 2022, to 1980s Rock and Roll. Real musicians playing real instruments. Screaming guitar solos, with none of the harsh vocals that tend to offend the tender sensibilities of a lot of people.

They're German - they sing in English! - and are really quite popular in Germany.

Here is what the UK magazine Metal Hammer had to say in 2021 when the album came out:

Currently one of the biggest bands in Europe, irrespective of genre, Powerwolf have always sounded like a band with ambitions to match their thrillingly bombastic sound.

There’s no real secret to their ongoing success; Call Of The Wild is simply another collection of instantly memorable and wonderfully melodramatic heavy metal anthems, rich in gothic pomp and arena-worthy bluster, but also witty, gently inventive and often genuinely moving too.

Here is a link to the lyrics, though I don't think you will need them.

This song is "Dancing with the Dead" by Powerwolf from their 2021 album Call of the Wild.

This is video audio only. There is, of course, an official video. It is very theatrical. I don't hate it, but I think videos like this often detract from the music. There are a couple of characters in the video that Metal Hammer said (not in the link above, but a different article) look like Vic Rattlehead, Megadeth's mascot, which I don't think is quite right. Maybe a little.

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