08 August 2022

Because Society Is SO Much Better Than It Was

It will be so much better when no one believes in Good and Evil, or Right and Wrong. Or something. From Fox New: LA times editor taunts Alito, brags secular children who don’t know Jesus will make society better

An L.A. Times editor taunted Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in a piece on Saturday, telling the jurist not to worry about an increasingly secularized America because future generations that don’t know Jesus will promote America’s "well-being" better than Christian ones.

Because the CCP does such a better job of running China without any bothersome notions of Good and Evil. Forced Labor? (That is the 21st Century way of saying Slavery, without offending the tender sensibilities.) Genocide? China doesn't have a problem with these things. There was a time when the West thought that euthanasia was a bad thing. No longer.

Thornton cited Phil Zuckerman, a sociology and secular studies professor at Pitzer College, who "has spent much of his career putting minds at ease over secular childrearing," he wrote. Pitzer told the editor that "The data overwhelmingly show an inverse relationship between a society’s religiosity and its measurable well-being."

Because societies that don't believe in Good and Evil, and next to societies who don't believe in Right and Wrong. To see what that looks like, take a look at any of our major cities today.

I'm sure the Muslims in China will take solace in the fact that the atheist CCP is a measurably better in their prosecution of genocide than a religious society would be.

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