19 August 2022

Friday Links - 19 August

Don Surber is up first with Meet Harriet Hageman, the Liz-ard slayer

Wyoming Republicans overwhelmingly voted to nominate Harriet Hageman for Congress, dumping Liz Cheney who is a WINO.

Wyomingite In Name Only.

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ - Meet the Paid Foreign Agent Who Is Working to Get the Rosary Deplatformed as a "Hate" Symbol

By the way, the asshole who wrote this is another "extremism researcher" being paid by the state to defame and deplatform conservatives. In this case, it's Canada who is the paymaster.

He's paid to churn out "research" about "hateful memes" that looks a lot like clickbait for leftwing blogs and "real" sites like The Atlantic.

The Other McCain - Some Blunt Truth About ‘Hate’

Who is attacking Asians in San Francisco and other major cities? Everybody knows the perpetrators of these atrocities are black, but almost nobody in the media wants to talk about it, because the media — as I have discussed elsewhere — are committed to a one-sided portrayal of black people as victims, rather than perpetrators, of “hate.”

American Greatness - Green Fascists Are Destroying the World. It starts with the CO2 Coalition being banished from LinkedIn...

Among the many comments that followed LinkedIn’s decision, the mentality of the climate crisis mob came through loud and clear. If “the science is settled,” then any contrary perspective is dangerous and must be silenced. A typical comment: “Why does LinkedIn allow so much Climate Disinformation to persist throughout its platform?” Brigades of these content wardens continuously log complaints with LinkedIn against climate skeptics. The impeccable work of Bjorn Lomborg is one of their next targets.

Vodka Pundit - Yeah, Trump's Dr. Oz Endorsement Probably Cost Us the Senate

The former president praised Oz’s positions on abortion, crime, the Second Amendment, border security, the military, education, energy independence, and election fraud. Those are all well and good, but before lending an endorsement, someone in Trump’s position first needs to determine whether the recipient is at all likely to win the general election.

In Dr. Oz’s case, right now that’s a big, fat NO.

Adative Curmudgeon - Motorcycle Camping: Happily Drunk In A Fabric Cage: Part 1: Failure To Launch

My last camping trip ended with a wilted, singed, itchy Curmudgeon. I returned minimally hydrated and nursing a million mosquito bites.

I also had a huge smile that lasted days. Why the smile? Because, nature is good for the soul; even (especially?) when it’s a bitch.

Again from The Other McCain - Who Hates Republican Voters Worse, Allahpundit or Liz Cheney?

That’s the real issue here, you see. All these people keep talking about the need to save Our Democracy™ — from whom? The voters!

Apparently, these defenders of Our Democracy™ believe that elections should be decided by a consensus of elite pundits, and that actual voters should just go along with the choices made by the wealthy and influential insiders who control both parties. Finally, in 2016, the voters replied with two words; the first was an obscene verb and the second was “you.”

Bayou Renaissance Mand - "Thinking with a gun in your hand"

I highly recommend that if you own a gun for self-defense (and even if you don't, for that matter), you watch this short video with real care and attention. It might help save your life one day.

Juvat at Chant du Départ - Occupatus apis lithohermaea*. (Busy honey bees)

Well...It's been a busy week at Rancho Juvat. Lot's of little things that needed doing, but also needed some expertise which I didn't have. Also, there's that old saw, "Many hands make light work." Alternatively, "There's no time like the present"

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