15 August 2022

Anne Heche and Narcotics

Twitter is flowing over with support for Heche's family, and I guess I get that. However... Anne Heche had narcotics in her blood after car crash, police say.

Twitter is awash in stories and posts about Ann Heche. I can't tell if they are coming my way because people loved her acting or because Twitter knows I'm a lesbian. It could be either way, the way Twitter has been screwing with the algorithm lately.

So lots of love for an actress who crashed into a house with "cocaine in her system" and fentanyl - though that may have been prescribed by the hospital - in her system. Not one word for the family of the home she destroyed. I guess because none of them were ever married to Ellen D. their lives and home mean nothing to the press.

Look, I get that it is a tragedy for her family, and even for her ex. But the press is surprised that she didn't have alcohol in her system because she did have alcohol in her car. (Am I the only person flashing on "Rehab" by Any Winehouse?)

The Other McCain also has something good to say: The Tragedy of Anne Heche.

He has info from the press on how her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres impacted her career, if you're interested. But I agree with his final statement.

Just for the record, I don’t approve of cocaine or fentanyl, either, and if any dopeheads feel stigmatized because of my disapproval, tough luck.

If someone on the right died by crashing their car into a home while high on drugs, the media and Twitter would be laughing, not feeling bad for the family. But if it weren't for double standards, the Left would have no standards at all.

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