03 July 2022

The National Parks Are Not a Huge Petting Zoo

Stay away from the animals, even if they are on the marked trails. Horror as charging bison gores man, 34, as he snatched a boy from attack in Yellowstone Park | Daily Mail Online

Park rangers warned that visitors should keep 75ft (25 yards) away from the creatures because they are 'wild animals' that feel 'threatened' if they are approached.

Video shows two adults walking towards the bison with the little boy on a path in the national park when the animal charged at them.

Just because you are on a trail or a boardwalk doesn't mean that the animals will leave you alone. It doesn't work that way. They are wild animals.

Rob Goodell, who filmed the attack, told the Cowboy State Daily: 'The dad and the kid were just walking up to the bison when the bison took off.

'Anyone who says that the bison just attacked that guy or whatever, that's bulls**t. The bison was just protecting his ground.'

Click thru for more info stupid shit people do in Yellowstone and the price they pay.

1 comment:

  1. It's a damn shame, that the man who rushed in to try and save the kid that the parents brought up to a bison, a very huge, wild beast, with a calm disposition, unless threatened, and then it has the nature of a runaway freight train, was the one who was seriously hurt. The parents should be the ones to get stomped into the ground, just for being stupid and bad parents.


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