02 July 2022

Don't Bring a Fishing Pole to a Gunfight

What's the difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. Retired plumber, 93, shoots and critically wounds a burglar breaking into his home | Daily Mail Online

A "gang" of people were breaking into his home, so he called 911 and grabbed his shotgun. He told them that he had a shotgun, but that didn't stop them. They continued to throw stuff at him.

Teague told reporters outside his Moreno Valley home yesterday: 'I approached them to put them under citizen's arrest.

'They wouldn't adhere to that and then one of them came at me with a fishing pole.

He only had one shell in the shotgun - not a good idea - but he told them there were 3 shells. After he shot one of them, it didn't seem to matter.

When Riverside County cops showed up, attempted burglar Joseph Ortega, 33, was shot. The other (neighbors said "several people") ran like rabbits.

There are various quotes for relatives and neighbors. Some say he took the law into his own hands, others say he was justified. I am of the opinion that he was justified. He is 93 years old, so he isn't going to fight them off without a firearm. They were in his home and advancing on him. That is clearly a threat.

Cops questioned the homeowner, and then drove him back home.

The guy who got shot (it doesn't say in this article, but there are others on the incident) is in the hospital in critical condition. A shotgun blast at close range will ruin your day!

Self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

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