01 July 2022

Friday Links - 1 July

A somewhat abbreviated Friday Links, as this week has not been too kind. Though the weather was nice enough I did manage to make a dent in the yard-work.

The Other McCain - Like an Old REO Speedwagon Song

Madison Hutchinson claimed to have “heard it from a friend,” etc., that President Trump was so completely out of control during the Capitol riot that he attacked a Secret Service agent and attempted to grab the steering wheel.

SiGraybeard - The JWST Team is Teasing Us

A check of the "Where is Webb" site shows that the James Webb Space Telescope hasn't been declared fully operational yet because the team is in the last stages of commissioning all of its instruments. They are, however taking images and the people who have seen them are going gaga over them.

View from the Porch - Automotif CCCXV...

A 1973 Cadillac Eldorado convertible in Cotillion White with an Antique Medium Red leather interior.

Eighteen and a half feet long, this two and a half ton agglomeration of Detroit steel and sex appeal was propelled along the pavement by five hundred cubic inches of displacement divided between eight cylinders, a power plant better measured in gallons than liters

Granite Grok - The Founders Predicted our Economic Crisis. We are awash in fiat currency, which is starting to lose its value.

Jefferson and Adams were also discussing Chapter 6 of the 1817 Treatise on Political Economy by Destutt de Tracy, with Adams citing a passage calling the printing of fiat paper money more ruinous and a greater theft than empires of old shaving off a little gold from their coins and passing them off as full-weight.

Red State - In Scathing Letter, Firearms Policy Coalition Promises to Take NY AG Letitia James Up on Her 'We'll See You in Court' Offer

In James’ press conference she told those who believe her lawsuit is based on political animus and not the law that she’d see them in court. One Second Amendment advocacy group, Firearms Policy Coalition, responded to James (and Adams) in a letter Thursday morning, warning that she should drop the lawsuits or that they, indeed, would see her in court.

The letter is a work of art, and must be read in its entirety. [Click thru for the text.]

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