25 June 2022

Two links on Dobbs

First up we have Ode to Dobbs from Smitty at The Other McCain. Mostly because we almost never hear from Smitty, and because you don't have enough poetry in your life.

And then from Robert Stacy (The Other) McCain: Our Alleged President Has Spoken!

An analysis of Biden's speech, on overturning a precedent.

Yes, and Plessy v. Ferguson, decided in 1896, was “the law of the land” for the next 58 years. But let’s not bring up Joe’s old Klan buddy Bob Byrd just to score a few cheap political points. Instead, let’s ask why Joe Biden thinks this is such “a sad day,” or how about we ask him about his bastard grandchild Hunter spawned with that Arkansas stripper? But nobody in the press corps every asks Joe any of the important questions, so never mind, eh?

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