23 June 2022

Leftists Seem a Little Upset

Everytime a state passed "Shall Issue" concealed carry, the Left cried "Blood will run in the streets!" They are doing it again today. SCOTUS gun rights ruling upsets journos on Twitter: 'Plainly insane' | Fox News

Journalists expressed heightened levels of anxiety after a recent Supreme Court ruling gave New York State residents better access to acquiring firearm concealed carry licenses.

Various liberal media journalists and commentators remarked that the ruling "is a middle finger to New York," proof that the Supreme Court "sucks," and means that the Court will have contributed to future mass shootings in the country.

They really need a new playbook.

1 comment:

  1. Of course, blood is already running in the streets and subways of NYC with all its gun control. It like they don't know what criminal means. I'm sorry, justice involved.


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