29 June 2022

Another Law DA Alvin Bragg Will Not Prosecute

Transit workers in NYC are being attacked. Color me shocked. New law increases penalties for attacks on all MTA workers

All MTA workers will now be included in a state law that imposes stiffer penalties on those who attack transit workers, Gov. Kathy Hochul said Monday.

The law, which makes attacking an MTA employee second-degree assault, was previously limited to train conductors and operators. It will now encompass 11,000 total workers including “customer assistants, ticket or revenue collectors, maintenance workers, repairers, cleaners, and their supervisors,” the governor said.

You can pass all the fancy laws you want, but if Alan Bragg, the DA for a big part of NYC, won't prosecute, what have you accomplished aside from a great photo op?

The MTA workforce has faced an average of two assaults and dozens of incidents of harassments per week this year, according to publicly available MTA stats.

Where there is no fear of consequences, crime will increase. And in NYC (and Chicago and elsewhere) there are no consequences.

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