15 May 2022

What Constitutes a Threat?

She was arrested on Monday for Harassment. Then she was arrested on Wednesday for shooting a 12-year-old boy. Woman accused of shooting 12-year-old after bonding out of jail on harassment charges

This is a textbook case of The System™ failing to take a domestic violence situation seriously.

Threatening to kill someone is not a reason - in the minds of the District Attorney's Office - to hold her without bail. Here is what she said:

In a recording that was handed over to the police, investigators say the victim asked Lemons, “So you gonna kill my son?” to which Lemons replied, “Everyone was gonna die.”

She was released and tried to make good on that threat.

On Wednesday, police responded to a shooting call on Faxon Avenue around 6 p.m. where a 12-year-old boy was shot.

Witnesses on the scene reportedly told officers Lemons was seen in the passenger seat of a gray Cadillac with a silver handgun driving by the home.

I would say that this is the result of bail reform, except for the fact that this is how domestic violence has been treated since forever. Even if she had attacked someone on Monday, while making her threats, she probably would have been let out of jail. Keeping people in jail is unfair. And how do you know she really meant it, and wasn't just angry.

Of course in hindsight, she wasn't just angry.

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