11 May 2022

The Organized Destruction of the Criminal Justice System

This article is about Chicago, but this is not only happening in Chicago. Kim Foxx is Why Chicago is Doomed | Chicago Contrarian. Kim Foxx is the Illinois State's Attorney for Cook County. She is a non-prosecuting attorney.

This is a depressing view of everything going wrong in a once-great city. A police department that can't find qualified recruits. A disappearing conference industry, and a dying tourist trade, which is taking the restaurant industry with it. Businesses moving to the suburbs, or farther afield. And more.

Downtown these days resembles a ghost town.

You would think, that with all of this staring them in the face, the "leaders" of Chicago would take stock, and perhaps alter course. You would be wrong.

Lightfoot and Foxx have stuck to their progressive guns even as these once powerful engines that generated revenue for the city contracted. Both the mayor and the Cook County prosecutor stood back and nodded in agreement as one anti-police advocate after another were placed in key positions to ensure police were properly handcuffed and falsely accused, honest police mistakes were transformed into misconduct, and errors of recollection were turned into perjury and obstruction of justice. Under Lightfoot, Chicago’s civilian oversight agency, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, and the Police Board, for example, have evolved into hatchets wielded by the anti-police movement. Both oversight panels’ rulings have allowed potential lawsuits against police by determining legitimate police actions violated some contrived policy.

There is more details of organized attacks on police. Police who can neither execute car chases (they are not safe), nor foot chases (ditto). Convictions overturned, and multi-million-dollar awards handed out for no good reason.

By the time Foxx and her media fawners are finished, the city will likely have paid out more than a billion dollars in settlements and legal fees in lawsuits against the city and Guevara. These payouts, along with the declining revenue from the trade and tourism industry in Chicago, are so significant that Chicago will not survive and likely go bankrupt.

The same thing is happening in other cities, and by people with the same mindset as Foxx. Destroy the police in the name of Social Justice. The article mentions Prosecutor Chesa Boudin, of San Francisco, but these two places are not unique.

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action
  —   Ian Flemming, Goldfinger

Western Civilization was nice while it lasted.

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