21 May 2022

How's That Bail Reform Working Out?

He may have been safer in jail. Man wounded in 2021 shooting gunned down near Yankee Stadium

Cops are not sure if he was targeted or not; I suspect this is an example of "Live by the sword - Die by the sword" playing out with modern weapons. That is only a guess; he could just be one of the more unlucky people to live in NYC.

A man wounded in a shooting last year — and out on bail in connection to the same case — was fatally gunned down near Yankee Stadium last week, cops said Tuesday.

Three months after he was wounded last year, he was charged with "criminal possession of a loaded firearm" in relation to that incident. He was released on bail.

This time around he was shot twice in the back of the head, though cops do not know that he was the intended victim.

But remember. Keeping violent offenders in jail is unfair.

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