13 May 2022

HOAs Are Evil - Part 487

Revenge is a dish best-served to an HOA board of busybodies. People Are Sharing How They Got Petty Revenge On Their Homeowners' Association, And I'm Absolutely Cackling

A nice collection of ways people have gotten back at, or maliciously complied with, the insanity of HOA boards.

Here is a taste.

15. And finally, "I live in a neighborhood with an HOA, and they have a rule against having large vehicles in the driveway for more than 24 hours. My parents used to have an RV, and we would go on long trips several times a year. Before each, we would park it in the driveway for a few days to pack at a leisurely pace. The HOA hates this, and eventually fines us and tells us not to do it again.

"Here's where the malicious compliance comes in. In our neighborhood, the roads are public, not private. We did a bit of research and found out that in our area, on public roads, a vehicle can be parked for one WEEK before it needs to move. So, we do the reasonable thing and park our huge RV in front of the house of the head of our HOA. For a week. And then we move it a few dozen feet, and leave it another week. And then go on our trip.

"We never heard about it from the HOA, presumably because they realized they have no control on public streets. After that, they stopped complaining when our RV was in the driveway for a few days every couple months."

That isn't even my favorite bit. Click thru.

I lived in a condo - by definition with an HOA - for 7 months. I realized it was a mistake almost the day I moved in. It was a beautiful condo in Fort Lauderdale with a view of the river. (Yes, there is a river in Fort Lauderdale.) I couldn't get out fast enough.


  1. HOAs attract natural Nazi Communist Fascists. Take notes on who wants to be on the board. They will be your natural enemies during the end times.

  2. I think the same rule (that EBL states) applies to people that "must" be on school boards and zoning boards

    1. I think a lot of people are waking up to the fact that schools and school boards are out of control. So I think you will see a lot of parents run for school boards.

  3. And I should say that I know of one HOA - a friend/coworker lived there - where everyone got so tired of the typical HOA BS that they got together and elected a completely new board, put an end to the nonsense.


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