22 April 2022

Friday Links - 22 April

Adaptive Curmudgeon starts us off with, Better To Light A Fire Than Curse The Darkness: Part 2. You should read part 1, but I didn't catch that in time for Tuesday.

Conditions were bad. The weather has been not just miserable but almost maliciously so. The deep snowpack has partially melted (much to the relief of big game), but then a blizzard dumped a foot of wet snow on top of the half melted drifts. Then a day’s hard persistent rain turned everything into slurry. Then more snow fell on top. The ground isn’t frozen and it isn’t thawed. The forest is a basket case of mixed layers of wet dripping half-measures.

Professor David Yamane has another installment of his video series. Light Over Heat #16: Finding Common Ground on Gun Violence Prevention

The core of this video speaks to my general approach to engaging those whose focus vis-à-vis guns differs from my own: find a common ground. In this case, the common ground is in the desire to prevent gun violence.

The Other McCain - Expect More Riots This Summer

Excuse my extreme cynicism about all this, but I’m particularly sick and tired of the role played by the media in such stories. The profession of journalism is being degraded by reporters and editors who demonstrate a lack of basic common sense about law enforcement.

While I am reluctant to engage in a point-by-point analysis of the Patrick Lyoya shooting, you can click here and watch the video to understand my specific complaint about how this story is being covered.

The Feral Irishman - Tractor Hydraulic Steering Actuator... Update.. Ah, the dream of homeownership, and everything that goes with it.

The used unit arrived on Saturday and I was, for what ever reason, determined to get it done.

"HAhahahha".. laughed the ghost of the engineer who designed it for John Deere.

USSA News - Jackboots Policing: No-Knock Raids Rip a Hole in the Fourth Amendment. A disturbing list of SWAT raids gone wrong.

In 1980, there were roughly 3,000 SWAT team-style raids in the US.

Incredibly, that number has since grown to more than 80,000 SWAT team raids per year.

Again from The Other McCain - Ain’t I Done Told You?

As I explained more than two weeks ago, when Lorenz was boohooing on MSNBC about being a victim of “harassment,” her behavior pattern resembled DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender), whereby wrongdoers faced with consequences for their actions try to depict themselves as the real victims. [SNIP]

Now the world is shocked that Taylor Lorenz has once again engaged in the very behavior of which she claimed to be a victim, i.e., harassment.

Krebs on Security - Conti’s Ransomware Toll on the Healthcare Industry

Conti — one of the most ruthless and successful Russian ransomware groups — publicly declared during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic that it would refrain from targeting healthcare providers. But new information confirms this pledge was always a lie, and that Conti has launched more than 200 attacks against hospitals and other healthcare facilities since first surfacing in 2018 under its earlier name, “Ryuk.”

Meep brings some sanity to the insanity. Pools are more dangerous than Covid to small children. On the hysteria that accompanied the end of mask mandates...

The Covid numbers: fewer than 100 kids age 1-4 have died from Covid so far

So here are the totals, straight from CDC WONDER, just grabbing those who had COVID as their underlying cause of death (that is, their primary cause — I do not mess about with “with Covid” crap).

The Gateway Pundit - SICK PEOPLE: WaPo and Taylor Lorenz Dox Conservative Twitter User – Publish Her Home Address and Then Lie About It

The Washington Post and star contributor Taylor Lorenz doxxed a conservative Twitter user’s home address online. Then they later deleted it and lied about it in an attempt to save face.

One more time from The Other McCain - The Weird Logic of COVID-19 Panic

The fact that the arguments for mandates are so easily exposed as illogical — the people in panic mode can’t really justify their panic — tells you that the real motivations are emotional in nature, reflecting a dictatorial mentality that seeks to impose conformity to rules on others.

Matt Margolis at PJ Media - Here's the Tweet Clinton's Lawyer Doesn't Want Admitted as Evidence in Durham Case

One thing is for sure: Sussmann’s legal team wouldn’t be trying to prevent the tweet from being shown at the trial if wasn’t damaging to their case, and I suspect I’m spot-on as to why.

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