12 March 2022

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 12 March

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - In The Mailbox: 03.10.22 (Afternoon Edition)

American Conservative: The Cracks Are Showing
American Greatness: Saudi Arabia & UAE Refuse To Pump More Oil, Refuse Biden’s Calls

EBL - Team Brandon Trying Hard To Start World War III 😬

Biden almost threw Poland under the bus (or Russian tanks if you will)
Poland refuses to go it alone without US backing

The Right Way - Top of the News

Biden's prior filibuster of Black female judicial nominee is an opportunity for the GOP during SCOTUS confirmation hearing - American Thinker
Ukraine War Has Thrown Global Markets Into State Of Complete And Utter Chaos - The Lid

Daley Gator - Your Mad News Update For Tuesday (03/08/22)

CIA Front Group Hides Records Showing Tens Of Millions Paid Out To Ukrainian Puppet Government – Big League Politics
The National Endowment of Democracy (NED), a CIA-backed front group...

Vlad Tepes - All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 11, 2022

1. Russia Convenes UN Security Council Meeting to Present BioLab Evidence — Friday at 11 AM
Friday is going to be a very bad day for the United States.

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 03.10.22 (Evening Edition)

Victory Girls: Lies, Lies, & Gaslighting Over The So-Called “Don’t Say Gay” Bill
Volokh Conspiracy: More On Offering Asylum To Russian Soldiers Who Surrender To Ukraine

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 3/10/2022

Biden Admin Bans Unvaccinated Tennis Ace Djokovic From Competing
Tennis star Novak Djokovic has been denied entry into the U.S. by the Biden administration because he remains unvaccinated against COVID.

Battleswarm Blog - LinkSwarm for March 11, 2022

Biological weapons lab in Ukraine? Obama reportedly had a hand in funding it. I would be skeptical of such claims, but the speed with which The Usual Suspects proclaim that there aren’t any make me suspicious. If so, it would be a clear violation of Article II of the Biological Weapons Convention.

Splendid Isolation - News Roundup

Sacramento Church Shooter in U.S. Illegally, Barred from Gun Possession
…but as with most gun laws, it didn’t stop him.

Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 03.11.22

Power Line: Veep Thoughts By Kamala Harris, This Party Will Not Fight For King & Country, and Thoughts From The Ammo Line
Shark Tank: Sabatini Called A RINO For Voting With Florida Progressives

Pixy Misa at Ace of Spades HQ - Daily Tech News 9 March 2022

Twitter has launched a Tor access site. (Bleeping Computer)
So that only they can ban you.

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 03/09/2022

Stefanik will compel all FBI documents with subpoena in Republican majority.
Judge slams DOJ for ‘trampling’ rights of Capitol riot defendant, saying there is ‘no excuse to treat a human being like that.’

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 6: Washington Free Beacon reported, "The drag queen invited to perform for congressional Democrats during their policy retreat referred to President Joe Biden as senile and a white supremacist and called his voters dim-witted.

I leave you with Wednesday gifdump from Wirecutter, Wednesday Memes … from MaddMedic, and Bumper snickers from Bluebird of Bitterness.

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