04 March 2022

Friday Links - 4 March

Kenn Blanchard Show - If you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.

Allah's Willing Executioners - Germany Retakes Center Stage in Europe

Farage believes that if the West does not defend NATO, “the West is finished as a cohesive unit.” NATO, he says, is nothing without America. Unfortunately, ever since the Afghanistan debacle, there’s been a question, “Does America want to lead the western world now or don’t they?”

Barnhardt -Buckle-up, Buccaroos. Looks like Russia has the receipts on the ARSH 2020 “election”. No wonder the Washington DC cabal is agitating for nuclear war.

Louder With Crowder - Man Responsible for Subway Poop Attack out of Jail, Gets Arrested and Released Again

I don't know why he had a bag of poop, other than... it's New York City.

Chant du Départ - Guest Post - Ukraine: The View from Poland

The following comes from our friend in Poland, Paweł Kasperek. Go easy on him, for English is not his first language. He speaks from the heart and he's closer to this than all of us. Take it away, Paweł ...

Small Dead Animals - “No one exercised that vehicle for 1 year “

This is a thread that will explain the implied poor Russian Army truck maintenance practices based on this photo of a Pantsir-S1 wheeled gun-missile system’s right rear pair of tires below & the operational implications during the Ukrainian mud season.

The Other McCain - Infamous Race Hustler Uses Ukraine War to — You Guessed It — Hustle Race

Keep in mind that it’s not as if prejudice against Jews and Latinos doesn’t exist in America, or in the Republican Party for that matter. It’s just that sensible people, whatever their ethnicity or position within the Universal Oppression Matrix, can recognize a scam as obvious as the one being foisted upon us by such “intellectuals” as Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Da Tech Guy - Two Miscalculations The Biden Admin on Putin and the Biden Administration and Putin on Zelensky

Again from The Other McCain - War and the Meaning of Nationhood

When I saw the protest poster above — Russia stops fighting, there will be no war. If Ukraine stops fighting, there will be no more Ukraine!!!” — it immediately carried me back to those classrooms where my teachers remarked on the origins of nationhood in war. Various intellectuals have sneered at this over the years...

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