04 February 2022

Friday Links - 4 February

We start out with a tragedy created by Woke: Power Line - A School Shooting You Won’t Be Hearing About

Liberals love to use school shootings as springboards for their favored hobby horses, usually more gun control. But what happened yesterday at the South Education Center in Richfield, Minnesota doesn’t fit the narrative.

Althouse - "I love that people are looking for alternatives to Spotify and I don’t know how to explain to them that it has never been ethical or sustainable to expect to have unfettered access to the entire history of recorded music for $10/month."

90 Miles from Tyranny - Is There Nothing that Joe Biden Will Not Lie About???

Irons in the Fire - You see a Georgetown diploma on a lawyers wall,

Weasel Zipper - Democrat-Run New York City Faces “Brutal Crime Wave” As “Crime Is Up 38% Overall”…

Flopping Aces - BLM racism pays very well- Updated

The Post Millennial - Schools across the US hold BLM 'week of action' calling for the 'disruption of Western nuclear family'

Arms and the Law - Reason to be thankful we are Americans The British will punish you if you try to stop a crime.

75 Million Pissed Off Patriots - ENOUGH!!

If you are too scared or "uncomfortable" to be around mature adults breathing freely while showing their face, then YOU NEED TO STAY THE FUCK HOME!

Jamil Jivani - Even black men can be fired for not being "woke" enough

Part one of a five-part series on my departure from Bell Media and iHeartRadio

Captain Capitalism - Achieving Financial Excellence: The Most Direct Path Out of Poverty

The main purpose of the class is to identify the quickest route out of poverty by identifying and cutting through all the bullshit that society throws at you

The College Fix - U.K. university adds trigger warning to first Harry Potter book Seriously? Most college kids today read the HP series when they were in grade school. And why are college students reading HP?

Gun Free Zone - Thin skin socialists are thin skinned AOC's break from Twitter after she suffered negative tweets about her maskless trip to Miami.

Battleswarm Blog - These Canadian Truck Protest Conveys Seem Pretty Massive

Vaccine mandates are astonishingly unpopular with everyone but the ideological core members of leftwing ruling parties.

The Daley Gator - Democrats war on Americans! Now with increased violent crime!

The Other McCain - The Joy of Schadenfreude as Nick Wright Cries the Tears of Unfathomable Sadness

Moonbattery - NIH Injects Beagle Puppies With Cocaine

Allowing waste-prone not to mention morally depraved Big Government to nationalize scientific research by controlling its funding has its downsides.

Pirate's Cove - British National Institute Of Health Reverses Course On Vaccine Mandates

Again from The Other McCain - ‘Air Biden’: Midnight Flights Bring Illegals From Border, and It’s ‘Racist’ to Notice

And again from Robert Stacy McCain - ‘Liberal Creationism,’ Revisited On William Saletan, The Bell Curve, IQ Tests and more.

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