31 January 2022

Consequences of the Breakdown of Law and Order in LA

Stolen guns. Lots of stolen guns. Scores of guns stolen from trains cause more problems in LA

Last August, Los Angeles police officers arrested two people in Lincoln Heights carrying a pair of shiny new .22 caliber handguns.

The guns were clean, like they came right off the shelf — not at all like the ones typically found following arrests. Just days later, officers patrolling in neighboring Northeast L.A. arrested a person with a similar handgun, in the same pristine condition.

When traced, it turns out the guns were part of a shipment of 36 guns headed for Tennessee.

And before anyone says, "It's only a .22," that can still kill you.

There was also a missing shipment of 46 shotguns.

Only a handful of the 82 guns known to have been stolen from trains passing through the Eastside neighborhood have been recovered. Investigators are not yet sure how many other weapons may have been pilfered, [LAPD Capt. German] Hurtado said.

And they are not sure if that is the end of the weapons stolen, because LA in general has its head up its collective ass.

No, they aren't just making a mess and stealing running shoes.

Somehow I'm sure that the response of LA's politicians will be to advocate for more constraints on legal gun owners, fewer police, and more "services" to the criminals.

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  1. Not much more L.A. can do.
    Other than pawn shops, there's only one actual gun store left anywhere within the entire L.A. city limits, from the beaches to the mountains.

    That wasn't by accident.


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