03 December 2021

Friday Links

A very abreviated Firday Links this week. Though This may become a much smaller list in the future, as it is this week.

Granite Grok starts us off with the Climate Change News of the week. Early Freeze Traps 18 Ships in Arctic Sea Ice

Nothing says “global warming” like unexpectedly cold temperatures.

View From The Porch - Does Not Work That Way. On the Alec Baldwin incident.

But guns, and most specifically Colt Single Action Armies and their clones, do not work that way.

19th Ward Chicago - Why is the topic of smallpox suddenly in the news?

Daily Caller - FAA Accidentally Reveals 704 Previously Unknown Epstein Flights

Pirate's Cove - The Reason Flash Mobs Are Looting Stores Is Because You Gave The Go-Ahead. "You" meaning Democrats.

Flopping Aces - Ahmaud Arbery’s father crushes the premise of BLM

Epoch Times - Now More Than Ever Conservatives Must Get Off Twitter

Stately McDaniel Manor - Bailing Out–UPDATED

The Other McCain - Confirmed: CNN Is Garbage


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