16 November 2021

When the Narrative Meets Reality

How could you not know simple facts about the Rittenhouse trial? Thank the media. When the ‘Progressive Bubble’ Bursts

OK, so if all my blog readers knew the identity of the rioters Rittenhouse shot, how could anyone not know this? Mainly because the kind of “progressive bubble” that surrounds people like Sarah Beth Burwick is so omnipresent. She is Jewish and lives in Montreal, and it may be that not a single person of her direct acquaintance is conservative. In the United States, 71% of Jewish voters in 2016 voted for Hillary Clinton; we may safely say the Jewish community is two-thirds “progressive,” and in Montreal? Urban Canadian Jews? It’s easy to understand that anyone in such a “bubble” wouldn’t even know the rioters in Kenosha were white.

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  1. My uncle was Jewish. My cousins are Jewish. My best friend growing up is Jewish.
    All of them are extreme leftists and support people that want to destroy Israel. If the Jews are trying to implement the socialist agenda of that National Socialists, why are we defending them? Why are we defending Israel? If the Jews don't care about the fate of Israel, why should anyone else?

    I've studied enough of the Koran to know that I'm not a fan. Frankly, that's why I really hope we can achieve energy independence. Let the mid-east suffocate in its own filth.

    1. You shouldn't support or oppose Israel based on what other people are or are not doing. You should support or oppose Israel (or any other topic) based on what you believe to right and wrong.

      And just because the Jews you know don't support the causes that you support is no call to condemn or support all Jews everywhere.

      Think for your damn self.

    2. And we did achieve energy independence. Not that long ago, in fact. But Biden & Company don't think that is a good thing. Their friends in solar/wind where not consulted, and so we are back to importing oil from the mid-east.


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