06 November 2021

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 6 November

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain starts things off with In The Mailbox: 11.03.21

American Conservative: From The Matrix To The Metaverse
American Greatness: “Let’s Go Brandon” Is The Vaccine We Needed

EBL - Who Sent Danchenko?

The Geller Report: Durham Arrests Clinton Dossier Operative
Powerline: John Durham works in mysterious ways...
Instapundit: Main Steele Researcher Arrested

The Right Way - Top of the News

Jordan Peterson on “The Enemy”- American Digest
Republicans Sweep Virginia - Free North Carolina
Cartoon Roundup - Theo Spark

Political Hat has a musical interlude, and Quick Takes – The Latest Things That Are Now Racist: Jedi Knights; Baby Carriers; Classical Music

The once vaunted Scientific American is now opining on the “scientific” problem of Jedi Knights be racist.

A View from the Beach - Elections: Time to Scrub the Blood off the Decks

No, Glenn Youngkin won’t be the ‘most homophobic’ governor ‘in Virginia history’ | Washington Examiner
Organizer of tiki hate hoax claims it wasn't meant to fool anyone, but there's a problem – HotAir

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 11.04.21

Louder With Crowder: Emails Reveal Why The CDC Changed Their Definition For Vaccine
Vox Popoli: Another One Bites The Ice, The Anti-President Doubles Down

Battleswarm Blog - LinkSwarm for November 5, 2021

“Mandate Meltdown: 26 NYC Firestations Shuttered, LA Sheriff Warns Of ‘Mass Exodus‘, Tucson Water District Faces ‘Staff Shortage.'”

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 14: Legal Insurrection reported, "Virginia’s New AG Jason Miyares Will Investigate Loudoun County Public Schools Over Sexual Assaults. Another victory for Loudoun students and parents."

Vlad Tepes - Andrew Bostom, CDC, and the rare politician refusing to destroy our rights: Links 1, November 5, 2021

3. Clearly Communist premiere of Victoria Australia, Dan Andrews, sucking up to China, long time.
4. SC governor issues executive order barring any SC agency from issuing or enforcing ANY vaxx mandate!

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 11/4/2021

CNN host Don Lemon, who previously savaged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for opposing mask mandates, was caught on camera on holiday in Florida not wearing a mask.

Once again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 11.05.21

Power Line: David Vs. Goliath American Style, “They” Was A Teenage Witch, also, Thoughts From The Ammo Line
Shark Tank: Gov. DeSantis Leads On Clean Energy

Cafe Hayek - Some Covid Links

Covidocratic tyranny reigns in Germany.
“Thousands of women told they have ‘long Covid’ may just be suffering the menopause, experts say” – so reports the Daily Mail.

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report - 11/5/21

"Your child is nearly 200 percent more likely to be struck by lightning than to be felled by [Chinese] Covid."
Why Do They Want to Vaccinate Children?

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: The Red-Pilling of Loudoun County, Virginia

Joni Ernst introduces the "FAUCI Act" and I'm still laughing: Jazz Shaw
Democrats point finger at Biden over election wreckage: Katherine Doyle

Maggie's Farm - Friday morning links

Italy Makes a Stunning Announcement About COVID-19 Death Toll
NY Times Wonders If Classic Rock Songs Should Be Toppled Like Confederate Statues

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 11/04/2021

Democratic political strategist James Carville blamed his party’s recent losses and weak performance in state elections on “stupid wokeness.”
Parents unhappy with woke takeover of education win big in school board elections.

I leave you with Thursday gifdump from Wirecutter, Remember When I Only Had Libturd Thursdays ~ 1 from Woodsterman, Thursday Memes … from MaddMedic, and Friday funnies from Bluebird of Bitterness.

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