18 November 2021

Media Bias Comes in Many Forms

This is one of them - ignoring crimes by favored groups. (Or "oppressed" groups to use the SJW terminology.)

When a (straight) mother of 2 killed her children, as part of some death-cult, buried the bodies, and ran off to Hawaii, it was front-page, national news, for a very long time. This story will be strictly local interest. Nothing to see here. Move along.

The favored group in this case: Lesbians. Bodies of 2 missing girls found in Pennsylvania backyard. The 2 girls, 6-year-old Nicole Snyder and 4-year-old Jasmine Snyder, went missing in 2016 and 2017. Apparently no one noticed.

The Children and Youth Services department earlier took custody of a son for care. In early September, the agency began investigating after reports of concerns about “educational issues” involving the 7-year-old son, Kriner said. Officials then learned that Marie Snyder had two other children who were unaccounted for and last month sought help from police, [Chief Chris Kriner of the Old Lycoming Township police department] said.

So what is the difference between these 2 stories that warrant the difference in coverage? Pennsylvania versus Idaho? Blue State versus Red State? Straight versus Lesbian? The economic class of the people involved?

The Hat top goes to Robert Stacy (The Other) McCain and Killer Lesbians: Pennsylvania Couple Investigated in Homicide of Two Girls, in which he notes...

It’s practically a hate crime even to use the words “lesbian” and “homicide” in the same headline, unless of course a lesbian is the victim of homicide. These are the unwritten rules of modern journalism, which is all about “social justice” and “diversity,” so don’t expect CNN to notice that two lesbians are suspects in the homicide of two little girls. This is not a crime deserving of national attention, but strictly local news.

There is more detail at both links. The Other McCain also notes that the two women have not been charged with murder.

They have not yet been charged with murder, but when you bury two bodies in your backyard, that’s pretty heavy circumstantial evidence.

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