28 November 2021

18 Month Sentence for Shooting 2 People

If you make something cheaper, you will see more of it. Man sentenced to 18 months for 2019 funeral shooting near Frederick

He shot 2 people after a funeral, related to what the polcie call an "altercation" at the funeral.

A man charged after a 2019 shooting at a funeral near Frederick is serving an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty to first-degree assault.

The other charges were dropped. They don't say what those charges were.

This isn't Baltimore, though at about 45 miles from that city and about 40 miles to Washington, DC, it may qualify as a suburb.

Because keeping violent offenders in jail is unfair, so prosecutors reduce or "abandon" charges to make their lives easier. The problem is that is also makes the criminals lives easier.

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