11 October 2021

The Planned Destruction of American Cities

It if was only one city, you might not think it was a plan. 'Soros prosecutors' are making US cities uninhabitable again.

For example, when five gangsters were arrested for holding a public gunfight in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood last week, shooting more than 70 rounds at each other in all, she decided to let them go without charges.

After all, as her office explained to police, it was a quarrel between “mutual combatants!”

Hat tip to The O.K. Corral and The Horror Of Big Blue Cities. That post includes a section on Philadelphia, and its non-prosecutor, Larry Krasner. And a mention of others.

I’m not sure how many of you check out the Philadelphia Homicide Tracker at the top right of the blog, but we’re currently at 426 murders in 2021. We had six homicides yesterday, and we are going to shatter last year’s number of 500. Easily.

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  1. I wonder if they will have a problem when patriots fighting with blm and antifa? Asking for a friend


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