02 October 2021

Saturday Roundup of Link Roundups - 2 October

The Right Way starts us off today with Top of the News

The Authoritarian Left - American Power
Generals scramble to avoid responsibility for Afghanistan - American Thinker

EBL - Separated by Karma 😡

BPR: So what did he do that warranted this?
RedState: Matt Gaetz reduces Milley to rubble...
Axios: Milley blames State for Afghanistan Failure

Wombat-socho at The Other McCain - In The Mailbox: 09.29.21 (Afternoon Edition)

Adam Piggott: The Death of Doctors, also, Do Not Succumb To The Black Pill
American Conservative: Why Aren’t Men Going To College?

Daley Gator - Your CCW News Update For Thursday (09/30/21)

Less than six months after gunmaker Kimber Mfg. moved from New York to Alabama due in part to ‘gun and business-friendly support’ from the red state, Smith & Wesson is moving out of Massachusetts – and will relocate its headquarters to [Tennessee]

Again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 09.29.21 (Evening Edition)

Cafe Hayek: Fighting Back Against Panic Porn Reporting, also, Choice In Markets & Choice Under Government Compulsion
CDR Salamander: Oh, So The UN Will Make Afghanistan Work?

Cafe Hayek - Some Non-Covid Links

“Jacob Riis’ reporting on slums may have made life harder for today’s poor” – so writes Howard Husock.
The great Bruce Yandle calls out Biden’s scapegoating on inflation.

Battleswarm Blog - LinkSwarm for October 1, 2021

John Durham subpoenas Clinton law firm Perkins Coie. I’m betting the Dlinton cronies aren’t wild about that at all…
Biden nominates an actual communist as Comptroller of Currency

Wombat-socho again - In The Mailbox: 09.30.21

Shot In The Dark: School Daze, also, You May Ask Yourself
The Political Hat: Corona-Chan Madness In Australia – Door To Door Interrogation, Choking The Maskless, & Firing On Protesters

Gates of Vienna - News Feed 9/29/2021

Japan to Lift All COVID-19 Emergency Steps Nationwide
Japan’s government announced Tuesday that the coronavirus state of emergency will end this week to help rejuvenate the economy as infections slow.

Vlad Tepes - Demonstration of enemy propaganda in Canada and police arrest mother in front of children for not having her papers: Links 2, September 30, 2021

3. Youtube video explaining that any content which contradicts the Pfizer sales pamphlet or government propaganda on the mRNA shots will be removed, especially if the information in the videos is true.

Once again from Wombat-socho - In The Mailbox: 10.01.21

Shark Tank: Makki Accuses Former Obama Supporter Anna Paulina Luna Of Being A “Phony”
Shot In The Dark: Downfall – Ramco Edition, also, The Better Mousetrap

Don Surber - Highlights of the News

ITEM 5: Politico reported, "Top Defense officials testified on the messy U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Here's some of what we learned."

Maggie's Farm - Wednesday morning links

Your Manners And Competence Are Deeply Problematic
Japan to lift all COVID restrictions
Joe Biden Hearts Australia, Rubber Bullets and All

J.J. Sefton at Ace of Spades HQ - The Morning Report - 9/30/21

"Accept it, Democrats. There are rules and you cannot get your way all the time."
Senate Parliamentarian Rejects Democrats' "Plan B" to Insert Amnesty in Infrastructure Bill

Doug Ross - Larwyn’s Linx: Democratic Incrementalism Makes Pandemic Vote-By-Mail Ballots Permanent

Big Business Loves Big Government: The Drill Down
Even far-left Democrat McAuliffe says $3.5 trillion is 'too high' for reconciliation bill in Virginia debate: Emily Brooks

Anonymous Conservative - News Briefs – 09/30/2021

Youtube is banning all videos which question the efficacy or safety of the vaccines.
Melbourne’s Health Minister Martin Foley drops a bombshell, saying 85% of those in the hospital are vaccinated.

I leave you with Wednesday gifdump from Knuckledraggin My Life Away, Cartoon Round Up.... from Theo Spark, A Fun Friday Afternoon ~OR~ Woodsterman Two Style and Friday Memes … from MaddMedic.

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