22 October 2021

Oregon Forbids Police From Enforcing the Law

Because stopping rioters from destroying everything in their path would be mean. Rioters tore through Portland causing more than $500,000 worth of damage - but cops did NOTHING because woke new law stops them using pepper spray or tear gas: Angry residents ask 'Does that mean we are now like a lawless city?

At least 100 self-proclaimed anarchists tore through Portland, setting dumpsters aflame, smashing windows and causing $500,000 in damage, but police stood idle because of a new state law that restricts how law enforcement can respond to riots. [SNIP]

Now police say a recently passed law ties their hands even further as it prohibits police from using crowd control techniques like pepper spray or tear gas. Instead, law enforcement agencies are told to rely on follow-up investigations to hold rioters accountable.

Good luck with that since they have been wearing scarfs and masks to obscure their identity since forever, and the non-prosecutors around the country have been loathe to hold anyone accountable for anything.

The police have been barred by law from intervening.

'The reason that we did not intervene goes back to what we talked about last month with House Bill 2928 and the restrictions placed on us in a crowd control environment,' Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen said in a Pearl District Neighborhood Association meeting, as reported by KOIN. 'That's the way the legislature said we need to operate in a crowd control environment so that's how we're going to act in a crowd control environment.'

This is not going to end well for Portland.

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  1. They are forbidden from interfering with the lefts rampaging animals BUT they ÀRE required to identify and arrest ANYONE defending themselves or their property from the lefts criminal predatory thugs. It's called ANARCHOTYRANNY. Where the rules apply only to those opposing the criminals in power.


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