16 October 2021

Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent Brown Keep Saying "Crime Is Down"

Could they be wrong, or are they just lying? Another carjacking near Ontario and Clark as hijacking reports soar higher in October - CWB Chicago

Carjacking cases, which were already high, are soaring even higher this month. The city averaged more than seven cases a day during the first week of October — a pace that, if maintained, would result in over 200 cases by Halloween

Chicago police logged 156 carjackings in October 2020 and just 60 in October 2019.

The details are about a surge in carjackings in a neighborhood (River North) that contains a number of restaurants, and bars that I frequented in my misspent youth. Some of which, amazingly enough, are still in existence.


  1. "We're down with crime" is what she meant to say.
    Command of English is not one of her features.
    Truth is, she has no features, only bugs.


    1. I was going to try for something about "Crime is Down (town)", but you got the point better. The thugs in the gutter and those in City Hall recognize one another. They just using different technique.

  2. I've got a sibling living in that area. Despite my best efforts, s/he believes that zip code will protect her/him from bad things. Many times when the topic came up I heard "I just don't go to areas where that happens."

    Well, sometimes they come to you.


    (I try hard not to out my family with an over-share. It can make writing awkward.)

    1. When Streeterville is suffering from armed robberies and carjackings, I don't think there is a place you can go in the city and be safe. "You are not protected by your zip code."

      Try to get them to load the Citizen app. It will tell them about crime in their area. Or they can just check the website. Here's a story on the app.

  3. We often ate at Twin Anchors Ribs (north side)when I was a child; I don't know if I would bring my family there now.

  4. Lots of places now are simply NOT RESPONDING to 911 calls. When you don't respond, you don't write a report, you don't collect statistics therefore the crime rate goes down. Convenient ain't it.


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