25 October 2021

Krähen der Nacht

We haven't had any Neue Deutsche Härte in quite some time. So since Stahlmann is releasing a new album on November 19th, I thought I should correct that. And while it is a bit early for Halloween, having this video today is better than waiting until after the fact.

"Krähen der Nacht" translates to "Crows of the Night" in English.

You can find the lyrics and their translation at this link.

This is "Krähen der Nacht" by Stahlmann from their November 2021 album Quarz.

Rammstein seems to be the only Neue Deutsche Härte group that people are aware of, and they are certainly good, but there is an entire genre of music, if you can stand the German lyrics, which I know makes Americans' heads explode.

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